Skylar Laine was eliminated on tonight’s (May 3) episode of ‘American Idol,’ leaving only four contestants gunning for the Season 11 crown.

Laine and belter Hollie Cavanagh were camped out at the bottom, even though mentor Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records felt that Laine was weak where Cavanagh was strong last night.

Laine was a judge’s favorite week in and week out thanks to the way she commanded the stage, with her natural and spunky presence. She was a true country cutie who wasn’t afraid to rock the hell out. It had seemed like she was emerging as a frontrunner to win the whole thing. But her song choices last night didn’t work for America.

Overall, though, she was gracious in defeat, grabbing the mic to turn in a high-octane rendition of Miranda Lambert‘s ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ as her final performance and to close our her stint on the show. Again, we’re left scratching our heads about this elimination.

We also have to give Skylar props, since she was able to be a pro and performed merely minutes after finding out she was booted from the show. That takes strength and courage.

And now there are four …

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