Even though rumors have been swirling for months, E! reports that starlets Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have agreed to join the ‘X Factor‘ judge’s panel.

Both divas supposedly have offers in place and have agreed to the terms. They just need to sign the contracts to make it official. Looks like Simon Cowell will be flanked by two of the hottest pop stars working today if these deals do indeed go through.

Spears’ name has been bandied about for months while her team hammers out the deal points and specifics. She will reportedly rake in $15 million with a one-year contract to sit on the panel and offer her opinion and advice to the hopefuls. Brit, 30, is riding a comeback crest with ‘Femme Fatale.’ She has gained control of her personal life, looks as hot as ever and seems at peace with her fame for once. This high-profile gig would certainly be mutually beneficial for both Spears and the show.

Lovato’s name has only recently been tossed into the ring for the judging panel. Her potential salary is unknown at this time. But it would certainly be the cherry on top of a killer comeback year for the teen, who battled self-harming issues and hit rehab to deal with it. She spoke openly about her troubles, rather than hiding from or ignoring them, and has emerged as a new role model. Lovato would certainly help draw a younger audience to the show, as well.

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Are Brit and Demi good choices for these seats?

Watch E! News Report About Britney Spears + Demi Lovato on ‘X Factor’

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