If you're a parent you need to read this story. Periodically there are news stories about stings being run to catch people who are targeting kids and during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's especially important to pay very close attention to what your child is doing on their computers and who they are connecting with.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division and Homeland Security Investigations announced that they had conducted a sting operation to target people who were looking to go after children and adult sex workers. The TDPS says the operation was trying to get people who would solicit sex from children as well as adult sex workers.

Hacker stealing data from computer

Six El Paso men were arrested as part of the operation:

Francisco Arturo Colorbio, 23, of El Paso (Prostitution of person under the age of 18)
Peter Bo Ray Serrano, 29, of El Paso (Coercion / Enticement of a Child)
Octavio Saucedo Garavito, 24, of El Paso (Prostitution of person under the age of 18)
Francisco Javier Orozco, 21, of El Paso (Prostitution of person under the age of 18)
Octavio Lugo Aguirre, 50, of El Paso (Adult Prostitution)
Jeffery Lynn Raska, 55, of El Paso (Adult Prostitution)

According to officials there are other suspects that are currently under investigation. There is no word on how the men were soliciting sex from children and the adult sex workers but law enforcement agencies from around the country are seeing a large spike in reports of online child exploitation.

Children are online much more than ever before because of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been reports of people breaking into online classes and either exposing themselves or showing porn. Law enforcement says there are also increasing reports of people pretending to be students and then trying to lure children into sexual acts either online or in person.

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Make sure you check your child's computer history and check in to make sure they aren't chatting with people you don't know or who aren't in their class. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

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