UTEP has a very active alumni association. There are a number of alumni group pages all over the country for former Miners to keep in touch. Keeping in touch these days is a little harder because it's tough to get together for an alumni event because of the coronavirus pandemic so UTEP has decided to hold an Alumni Virtual Reunion.

The UTEP Alumni Association holds an annual Alumni PICK-NIC each summer and to continue the tradition they will go online so Miners and their families can share some Miner spirit no matter where they are living.

The event is scheduled for noon Mountain Standard Time, Saturday, June 20. Just like a regular reunion there will be speakers including UTEP President Heather Wilson and Alumni Association President Laura Biggs. There will be virtual hosts and partners for the PICK-NIC and even performances by the UTEP band, cheerleaders, and words from the Student Alumni Association and Miner Ambassadors.

You need to register for the free event. You'll need to complete an online survey for the UTEP Alumni Virtual Reunion by clicking here. There is a June 12 deadline which might be be extended, but it's best to get your survey in as soon as possible.

If you've never checked in with the UTEP Alumni Association, no matter where you live, this is a great time to do so. They really do have a lot of events and outreach programs for alums of all ages. If you or your kids want to make an instant connection if you live here in town or out of town, check out the UTEP Alumni Association pages in your town.

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