Some beautiful soul with chalk in hand and sidewalks to spare is sharing messages of happiness and positivity in my Sunset Heights neighborhood.

Sidewalk Chalk Sunset Heights

Since all parks are closed right now I am taking to my neighborhood to pound the pavement to keep active and get some exercise in. Last week I ventured out to take a walk from my house to UTEP which is usually about an hour walk and came across messages of hope and positivity written in chalk across three sidewalks in my Sunset Heights neighborhood.

"Miss Your Smile"

"It’ll All Be Over Soon"

"Stay Strong El Paso"

These were but a few of the messages that were written and decorated with drawn on flowers and hearts reminding us that we are not alone during the stay home order amidst the COVID 19 pandemic.

Walking through my neighborhood I was reacquainted with my neighbors who I haven’t seen in a long time as I walked past their streets as they gathered on their porches as a family to get some fresh air.

Despite the fact that we are all practicing social distancing I can say that one of the positives of this pandemic is the multiple random acts of kindness that have evolved, bringing us all closer to our community, and giving us an opportunity to reach out in new and creative ways.

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