There's nothing worse for a woman than when a man has to use her to get his jollies. Even something as simple as just walking around her own neighborhood can subject her to some idiot who catcalls out his car window or a true weirdo who could potentially be dangerous.

The Kern Place neighborhood on the west side isn't normally the place you would think of as a dangerous place but women in the area have reported seeing a man walking around and driving around while masturbating. The sicko has been described only as a man in his late 20s to early 30s. He follows women as they walk or will follow them in his car.

The El Paso Police Department has put a sex-crime detective on the case and they are asking for any details the public might have. There are photos of a silver Chevrolet that has allegedly been seen following women and even children in the neighborhood circulating on social media.

This kind of behavior, like rape, isn't sexual. Doing this kind of thing in public, especially around women, is meant to make them feel powerless and scared. No doubt the women who have encountered this disgusting human being have been scared.

If you run into this person, don't confront him. Just get as good a description as possible of him and his vehicle and call the police immediately. The faster this idiot is caught, the better.

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