We know most El Pasoans are bilingual, usually English and Spanish. We want to highlight those who know even just a little of the French language. You do not have to be fluent to participate in this contest, just simply be brave enough to send us an audio clip of your favorite French phrase.

Simply download the free 93.1 KISS-FM app, open the menu and tap submit media. Once you open the media tab you then fill out the form and record your audio. Once you record it, just send it to us and you are entered in for a chance to win a $10 gift card to La Madeleine Country French Cafe.

App Submit Media


Oui, Oui it is that easy. The food and desserts at La Madeleine are totally worth recording your French phrase. I was invited out for a sneak peek of their newest location over on Joe Battle and it was crazy good. I was only worried that I would pronounce something wrong, but no judgment here.

We have five to giveaway so your chances are really good to win. We really want our audience to start sending us a recording of really anything they want. Have a joke? Send it to us? Want to practice your French skills? Send that to us NOW! Contest ends July 18th at 8 a.m.