A home security camera captured a fight between an EPPD officer and a handcuffed person.

An EPPD officer making a traffic stop near Pebble Hills and Loop 375 arrested the driver on suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated and handcuffed him. Shortly after that, the driver decided to make a run for it and the struggle began.

The video, posted by Independent News Service on Facebook, uses a split screen format which makes it hard to catch every detail. You can barely see the two men wrestling in the street but it's clearly a pretty violent struggle during which the suspect allegedly bit the cop. According to the El Paso Times, the officer tried using his Taser on the suspect at one point but it did no good.

The El Paso Times story also says that several cars drove by yet no one stopped to help. Whether that's a good thing or not is up to any individual who finds him or herself in a similar situation. On one hand, you want to try and help when you see folks in trouble, particularly when there's a chance the fight could spill into the street and lead to both parties being run over. Then again, the outcome could be made worse by an untrained person stepping in.

One or all those involved may be hurt worse, "assistance" could be misinterpreted as "attack" or the confusion could allow the suspect to escape. If it looks like the intent was actually to help the suspect, that could land the passerby in jail until things are sorted out.

The suspect could also, via videos like this among other things, track down the Good Samaritan and attempt some sort of retaliation. That's a tough call that can only be made by the individual involved.

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