Selena will always be remembered as the beautiful, talented young woman who's life was ended too early. Today, 20 years has passed that we lost a star in her prime. Now we can only remember her by her music. Here are some of our favorite Selena moments in music.

This has got to be one of the most famous Selena Spanish songs. She sings "like a flower" and her presence was that of a timeless rose. This will always be a favorite and shows us the true talent of her voice and stage presence.

Bidi bidi bom bom, really has no english translation but it is such a fun song. You can always sing along and see Selena's beautiful smile in the video. She loved life and this song showed it to it's fullest. She loved entertaining a crowd.

Si Una Vez has got to be one of my favorites to sing along to. She is such a vocal powerhouse and this song just blows you away with her amazing vocals. The raspy sound and emotion in her voice never gets old.

This song takes me back to the movie, Selena. Not only was it an amazing depiction of a talented soul we lost too early, it was a beautiful love story between Selena and her husband Chris. This video shows some real home footage that I just love.

This song was a hit and was the beginning of Selena's crossover to English music. It was a HUGE dream of hers to be within the likes of her heroes like Diana Ross and sing English songs.

This video is just so beautiful and you can see Selena in her one of her only videos she ever recorded. The song is amazing lyrically also. It's like you go through the heartbreak with her. I just melt when I watch this.

Selena is one of the stars that was taken from us too soon. El Paso and many other Texas cities connected with her and her music.