Did you know that One Direction's Harry Styles is a budding art collector? And that the first song the boys ever performed together was a classic '90s hit made famous by a woman? Directioners, put your 1D knowledge to the test by watching the video above: the inaugural edition of our new weekly series Think You Know Pop?

Voiced by PopCrush Nights host Lisa Paige and appearing every Tuesday, Think You Know Pop? will serve up a healthy dose of pop-culture trivia centered around our absolute fave artists and celebrities. Of course we had to kick things off with One Direction, the group that ignites such a fiery and fervent passion in its fandom.

One thing to note: Yes, Zayn Malik may have left our beloved British boy band a foursome — and apparently already started a solo career of his own. (Check out his brand new track, "I Won't Mind," produced by U.K. DJ Naughty Boy!) But at the end of the day, Zayn will forever be essential to our definition of One Direction, and that is why you will find him included in this video. No matter what the future holds for him, he is part of their DNA.

So settle in and stand by for a crash course in everything 1D — from their humble beginning as a collection of X Factor UK hopefuls whom Simon Cowell instantly recognized as having the potential to become one of the biggest musical acts in the world to their surprising connection to The Lord of the Rings.

One Direction Through the Years

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