Looks goooooood doesn't it?  Well, this delicious plate of jumbo shrimp, salmon roulades, and guacamole from Lancer's Club can be yours if you log on to kisselpaso.com and take advantage of Seize the Deal!  All the details are online, but if you want to experience outstanding service, ambiance, and of course food, then Seize the Deal!

Supper clubs are really great deals because the membership fee allows them to charge less for their menu items, and in the case of the Lancer's Club, do things like bring in bands for dancing and have wine tasting dinner events that you wouldn't get in just a regular restaurant. 

Check out the details on the Lancer's Club on kisselpaso.com and Seize the Deal with KISS FM!  And a big thanks to Tim from the Lancer's Club for our delicious plate this morning!

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