There are kids that love going to the Carden International Circus when it comes to El Paso. Kids and parents have a thrilling time watching people do some crazy stunts. There is so much action that goes down at the Carden International Circus.

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Back when I was a child most of the things they show now at the circus they didn't show before. For example, now they have superheroes, people on stints wearing a suit that lights up, and more. Just refer to LadyDorsey's video below to see the newest attractions.

But what I always enjoyed seeing at the circus as a child were the animals. Especially when they would bring out what I only went there to see, the elephant.

Well, besides the entertainment we go to the circus for you got to admit you also love the snacks. El Paso families can get ready for some visual entertainment that is coming to the borderland.

Carden International Circus will be making its way to El Paso next month. El Paso mark your calendar and save the date for Thursday, November 4 through Sunday, November 7.

El Paso families will be happy to see the return of Carden International Circus at the El Paso County Coliseum. They will have different times for you to catch a show on Saturday and Sunday.

So if you can't make the morning show on Saturday you can always catch the late afternoon or evening show. But on Sunday they have only afternoon either 2 pm or the 6 pm showing for you to attend before they book it. You can get more information about the El Paso shows for Carden International Circus by clicking here.

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