President Donald Trump’s administration had a win in their column when SB 4 became law and allowed local law enforcement agencies to ask for citizenship status of people they came into contact with. But that law was put on hold by a federal judge who called into question the law’s constitutionality. The judge also said that the law could potentially make communities more unsafe because undocumented immigrants might not call police because they would potentially have to prove their citizenship.

El Paso State Senator Jose Rodriguez said the judge’s ruling is a victory and he believes it will hold and the law will not be reinstated.

El Paso law enforcement officials had said they have more important things to worry about than asking people for their citizenship papers. If they hadn’t followed the law, however, they could have been fined.

The case is expected to be appealed, but San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and other major cities in Texas say they will continue to fight against SB 4.

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