Here’s how I ended up saving money and kept drinking my filtered water while helping out the environment!

I love water and I admit that the last time I saw that commercial on TV about how long it takes for an empty bottle of water to disintegrate I cringed.

So I thought it’s time to get penny and eco savvy. Here’s the thing, caring around a non-disposable water bottle is great but unless you love tap water it wasn’t an option for me especially at work since there is no filtration system in place.

I used to literally buy a case of water every weekend just for work alone and that was getting ridiculous so I opted for a simpler choice.

Meet my friend the Brita Pitcher – I love it!


All you do is fill it with water, stick that baby in the fridge and walla great tasting water from the tap that’s filtered.

Easy and obvious I know…but seriously I didn’t hit me right away.

Now I only replace the filter in the pitcher every few months at around $6-7 a piece.

This option has saved me money and saves the environment just a lil bit!

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