An ongoing court case was settled between Apple and Samsung and a judge ruled Samsung must pay Apple the sum of $1 billion dollars. Now there are dozens of stories working their way around social media sites that say Samsung paid Apple in millions of coins which were sent by truck to the Apple headquarters. The problem is, the story couldn't be more wrong.

First, the amount Samsung must pay Apple hasn't been settled yet. Although an earlier jury determined Apple was owed $1 billion after Samsung infrigined Apple's patents in making and selling 26 products, a judge later ruled that the jury miscalculated. As of November 19th, 2013, the jury is still deliberating on a set amount. Apple wants $380 millions, Samsung says it owes $52 million. Either way, that alone should debunk the rumors that Samsung paid Apple anything, especially in coins.

The second point is simple math. Each nickel weight about 5 grams. The total weight would exceed 110,000 tons. If each 18-wheeler can hold approximately 40 tons, that would mean Samsung would need more than 2,700 trucks to haul the coins, not 30 like the rumors state.

So there you have it.  Samsung didn't pay Apple in coins.

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