Khalid’s A Night for Suncity concert to benefit El Paso shooting victims and their families sold out within a few minutes leaving thousands of hardcore stans bummed.

Of course, many took to social media and expressed their disappointment at not being able to see their hometown hero, but one tweeted his displeasure directly at Khalid -- and his dissatisfaction left the 5-time Grammy nominee “sad.”

I don’t know what Twitter handle @elijahr09144389 said exactly because the tweet and his page no longer exist, but Khalid fired back with a little saltiness of his own.

“You realize I’m not getting paid for the show?” he wrote. “I’m actually losing money by even doing this show and it’s not like I care because it’s going to help. I just did a 2 and a half month tour. Be HAPPY the show sold out.”

“you don't owe any explanation to ANYBODY @thegreatkhalid !!,” someone who goes by @_quiteLovely responded.

Khalid: just makes me sad
@alize_nicole133: You cannot please everyone Khalid
Khalid: I’m not sad about myself, just sad people are like that

Fans were quick to jump in and put the Twitter troll in his place after that, and show Khalid the mad love and gratitude he deserves. You can read the comments HERE.

Look, here’s what I know: Khalid is currently wrapping up a months long tour here in the U.S. and is about the go overseas in September to perform there. He only had about two weeks in between to chill and decompress and chose to use some of that time to put on a show to help the community he considers and calls home continue healing.

The cost to put on a show is not cheap, and from what I’m told he is personally going to eat those costs so more money can go towards the families of the victims.

So, yeah, stop all the whining, complaining, and second-guessing. And like Khalid said, be HAPPY the show sold out.

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