Ruidoso has had a couple of tough weeks recently because of the forest fires that were raging near the mountain village.  It was called the Little Bear fire, but it was some other little bears that were on the minds of some Ruidoso residents a few days ago.

A friend of mine hipped me to this video on youtube of a mama bear who had spent the entire night next to a trash bin because her cubs had fallen in.  The description on the video says that the family who lived near the bin heard the cubs crying all night, so in the morning, they devised a plan to help Mama Bear out.

Now, I know from going to Ruidoso all my life that you're not supposed to get that close to a bear, especially a Mama, but the folks in the truck were sure brave to help out!  And how smart were those baby bears?!  The second they had an out, they were up and at 'em!  Que cute!

Ruidoso is a jewel for those of us who live in El Paso, so if you haven't been recently, or are new in town and have never been, check out this link for tons of information on Ruidoso, and let's go to the mountains!

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