Rihanna‘s semi-nude poses in adverts for Armani Jeans has been crowned the “Sexiest Ads of the Year” in a poll conducted by Advertising Age magazine, reports U.K.’s The Daily Mail. The sensual ads feature the Barbadian pop starlet in various stages of undress until she’s down to her bra and panties.

In one ad, RiRi is wearing a black leather jacket and lacy bra, laying in a gravity-defining backward pose on the hood of a vintage black Lincoln Continental. “It’s Rihanna at her sexiest,” said the magazine editors. “She’s never looked this good [and] she’s in amazing shape and the pictures are stunning.’

Uh, we beg to differ here at PopCrush. Rihanna has always looked good and stayed in excellent shape. Also, if you watch her new video for ‘You Da One,’ you can see that she constantly oozes sexiness. Let’s face it, RiRi is sexy by default.

In the poll, the 23-year-old songbird beat out gorgeous model Miranda Kerr who finished in second place with her sexy underwear ads for Victoria Secret. Keep in mind, she posed for those ads weeks after she gave birth to a baby boy. Kerr needs to tell us her secrets on staying slim and trim. Finally, landing in third place was Kate Moss, who was last year’s “Sexiest Ad” winner, with her topless campaign for Italian clothing firm Liu Jo.

Congratulations to Rihanna for being the sexiest ad queen. We can’t wait to see how you are going to top yourself in 2012.

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