As if Rihanna‘s photo spread in her Rolling Stone cover (and her frank discussions about her sex life) from earlier this year weren’t hot enough to begin with, outtakes from the scorching shoot have surfaced online.

The heat generated by these shots has nothing to do with RiRi’s flame-hued hair, either. Her body is bangin’ and she’s not afraid to show it off in an array of skimpy outfits.

While RiRi has since moved on from the red corkscrew curls that defined this several month period of her image and career, she emits all kinds of heat, whether perched on a hotel bed wearing a nude tank and panties with her thumb tucked in her mouth or in a loose fitting striped top where she offers up a come hither stare. Ri also works a blue bikini like it’s her job, hanging out like an Amazon goddess in the jungle in other shots. Seriously, RiRi drips sex from every angle and oozes hotness from each pore.

Remember, Ri rocked a pair of spray on shorts that barely concealed her ample assets on the cover. We can’t fathom how the mag’s photo editor was able to choose which shot to use without breaking a sweat. These images will melt anything that comes within a foot of ‘em. RiRi is damn fine.

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