Rihanna is fearless. That much is clear from the singer's music, her performances, her sartorial choices and her multiple tattoos/piercings — and her most recent Instagram post only serves to reinforce this.

The Barbadian beauty debuted a brand new piercing in two recent Instagram photos. The first image shows Rihanna biting a gold ring that's attached to a delicate chain — we can't see where the actual piercing hits but we do know one thing: It looks painful. Rihanna captioned the photo "my new bitch by @dollycohen."

Riri's second photo shows the new bling from another angle. In this one, you can make out the sparkly ring encircling her lower lip as Rihanna bites down on the chain. This one is captioned "my grill got a piercing." It gets us wondering — did she actually pierce her lip or is the chain just attached to a grill?

Rihanna is sort of the master of the fake out when it comes to piercings. Remember that time she totally made a fake septum piercing happen? Add this to the list of things only Rihanna can make work.

It's been a big week for Rihanna. Not only did the star have to defend herself when people began speculating about a video that appeared to show her doing cocaine, she also debuted a seriously impressive music video.

Ever the oversharer, Rihanna also posted one more photograph on Instagram today. This one, a shot of one gorgeous hazel eye with yet another piercing visible at the side of the photo, is captioned simply "go to sleep Robyn."

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