Ed Sheeran has become the sweet, romantic wedding song crooner for new age aisle walks. Remember his single “Thinking out Loud” and how every wedding in 2014 and 2015 featured the song somewhere in their repertoire? What a dreamy song and what are the chances that he can do it again!? Ed Sheeran’s sappy romance chops are back in full force on his new single off of the album Divide (displayed on his record as a symbol) which is in stores now and lucky for us; he’s given us a music video! If you look closely not only does the video feature the quintessential Ed Sheeran treatment looking warm and cozy & perfect for the holidays but also feature a few of my favorite things like pizza and skiing.

A lot of the comments on the video include “using this for my wedding”, “now I really need a winter boyfriend/girlfriend”, “can’t wait to dedicate this to my future wife” and you can probably get the jist of the tone amongst Ed Sheeran fans and how they are receiving the song. Watch the video for “Perfect” below and catch Ed on Taylor Swift’s new cd as he is featured on a song off of her album Reputation.”

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