People's Emporium was a one stop shopping store for Halloween! People’s Emporium and A-1 Costumes was an incredible store that sold all sorts of wacky, cool, creepy stuff including, books, incense, candles and these one of a kind costumes that were made in house .

It’s been years since the store was sold and everything inside too, but I remember going there after school and hanging on the bookstore side of the store for hours and chatting with a couple of my friends who worked there.

Also, going upstairs where the costumes were kept, thousands on end, from the most intricate, to the gory, they had everything! Colorful wigs, masks, hats and all sorts of hard to find items.

People’s Emporium may be gone but the memories live on and I think if I’m not mistaken that building may have been haunted too!

Do you remember the People’s Emporium?

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