Today many of us will commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Since that day in 2001, September 11th has been a somber day as we all pause to remember the tragic events.

8:14: United Airlines Flight 175 carrying 56 passengers and nine crew members, departs from Boston for Los Angeles. Five hijackers are aboard.

8:19: A flight attendant on Flight 11 alerts American Airlines, "The cockpit is not answering, somebody's stabbed in business class - and I think there's Mace - that we can't breathe. I don't know, I think we're getting hijacked."

8:20: American Airlines Flight 77 with 58 passengers and six crew members, departs from Washington Dulles International Airport for Los Angeles. Five hijackers are aboard.

8:24: A radio transmission comes from Flight 11: "We have some planes. Just stay quiet, and you'll be okay. We are returning to the airport." (It is believed the terrorist hijacker mistakenly held a button directing his voice to radio rather than to the plane's cabin as he intended.)

8:34: The Air National Guard is alerted to the hijacking of Flight 11. Two F15 pilots begin to suit up.

8:42: United Airlines Flight 93 takes off from Newark Airport 40 minutes late with 37 passengers and seven crew members bound for San Francisco, following. Four hijackers are aboard.

8:46: Going roughly 466 miles per hour, Flight 11 crashes into the north face of One World Trade Center, between floors 93 and 99.

8:49 CNN breaks into a commercial to become the first national outlet reporting the crash.

8:54: Flight 77 deviates from its assigned course, turning south over Ohio.

8:55: President George W. Bush, who is visiting Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, is told that a small twin-engine plane has crashed into the World Trade Center.

8:56: The transponder on Flight 77 is turned off. Radar contact with the aircraft is lost. The plane turns east and travels undetected for 36 minutes toward Washington, D.C.

9:03: Flight 175 crashes into the south face of Two World Trade Center, between floors 77 and 85.

9:05: As President Bush is about to begin reading The Pet Goat aloud to students, Chief of Staff Andrew Card interrupts to whisper to the president, "A second plane hit the second tower. America is under attack."

9:28: Hijackers storm the cockpit on Flight 93 and take over the flight.

9:29: President Bush makes his first public statements about the attacks, in front of an audience of about 200 teachers and students at the elementary school. He states that he will be going back to Washington, that "we've had a national tragedy", and leads a moment of silence. No one in the President's traveling party has any information during this time that other aircraft were hijacked or missing.

9:38: Flight 77 crashes into the western side of the Pentagon. All 64 people on board are killed, as are 125 Pentagon personnel.

9:57: Passenger revolt begins on Flight 93.

9:57: President Bush leaves Sarasota, Florida, on Air Force One. The plane reaches cruising altitude and circles for approximately 40 minutes while the destination of the plane is discussed.

9:59: The South Tower of the World Trade Center begins to collapse.

10:03: United Airlines Flight 93 is crashed by its hijackers 80 miles southeast of Pittsburgh before passengers succeed in breaching the cockpit door.

10:28: The North Tower of the World Trade Center begins to collapse.

8:30 P.M: President Bush addresses the nation from the White House. He begins by saying, "Today, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom came under attack in a series of deliberate and deadly terrorist acts.”

A more detailed version of this timeline is on Wikipedia