I have to admit, the only thing that comes to mind when I heard "light installation" was Carrie Bradshaw's boyfriend on Sex and the City. I didn't think of spotlights as art until I saw the Border Tuner, an art installation by artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer two years ago. The spotlights that spanned both sides of the border between El Paso and Juarez lit up the sky from 6:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Bowie High School in El Paso and Parque Chamizal in Juárez. You could go and watch the lights change colors and form geometric shapes in the sky in person and you could even watch a live stream or listen to conversations being held as people connected their lights across the border.

Six giant spotlights were set up along the U.S. - Mexico border, three in El Paso, three in Juarez. They were interactive and people on both sides of the border had the chance to move the lights and speak to people in Juarez as they moved the lights. Musicians or other artists performed while the lights were on. It's no secret that we live in close proximity to Juarez, but standing in the parking lot of Bowie High School, it was thrown in to sharp focus just how close our communities are.

The light display was designed to show how connected El Paso and Juarez are and it really was lovely to see how many people came out to see the lights and be a part of a beautiful celebrations of our two cities on the border.

1. Close-up of the spotlights: The amazing sound that came out of the lights was just as much a part of the installation as the actual lights themselves. My grandkids were amazed at how large the lights were and how easily they moved.

Patricia Martinez

2. Blue lights: The lights would change color and there were points in the presentation that geometric shapes were created in the night sky. The photos really don't do the installation justice. It was spectacular to see in real life.

Patricia Martinez

3. Cellist performance at spotlights: The haunting music of this cellist still gives me chills even two years later. It was so special to have him there and listen as the lights danced in the sky.

Patricia Martinez

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