Jennifer Aniston is a famous actress, but in some ways she's more famous for being the woman Brad left for Angelina! Maybe that’s why we're so interested in her love life. Or, maybe it's because we can all relate to her relationships problems. Either way, here are some lessons to learn from Jen's imperfect love life:

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  • Sometimes love isn't enough. No one but Brad and Jen know what really happened, but we can learn the lesson that, while comfort and stability are nice, it's crucial to work on keeping the passion alive in a relationship.
  • Take the high road. When a relationship ends -- or worse, when you are dumped, it's always better to not make nasty remarks or insults or to drag anyone else into the drama. It makes you look petty.
  • It can be bad to have a "type." Jen seems to like "players," which as we’ve all been privy to, hasn't turned out too well for her. Falling into the pattern of only dating one type of person can mess up your love life. If you're not finding true love that way, try dating outside your usual "type."
  • You can't change anyone. Take an honest look at your relationship. If you see a ton of red flags, move on! Stop trying to change your partner and, instead, change your circumstances.