Jennifer Lawrence plays a spy that I remember by the name "Katya" but you’ll notice that she uses several alias’ throughout the film. She is sent to “whore school” a term used loosely in the film where she is taught to manipulate men in politically influential positions for Russian gain. Her purpose of the spy job comes from wanting to take care of her mother and her uncle referencing her to become a Sparrow. Katya goes through the most traumatic “training” and ends up being a double agent with intent reveal a mole and to end up in the United States along with her mother. The film missed the mark for me in that the story didn’t seem to tie in the relationship between mother and daughter which is the entire reason that Jennifer Lawrence’s character ends up taking the sketchy job. For someone like me who isn’t so desensitized to violence, adult subject matter, blood & gore; this is one of my least favorite films that I’ve ever sat through. Red Sparrow is disturbing, twisted and gruesome for those that are faint of heart. Had the film not been a selection that my sister and I had made together, I definitely would have walked out in the middle of the movie due to it’s graphic nature. Aside from the bloody stuff, the plot is decent but the love story between family member is 100% missing and totally the purpose of the film. Watch the trailer for Red Sparrow below.


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