R.Kelly is back in the news these days due to concerned parents who claim that R. Kelly is holding women hostage in a what they are referring to as a ‘sex cult’.

Parents have tried to alert authorities about not being able to reach their daughters, who by the way are of adult legal age, and claim that the 51-year-old R. Kelly is allegedly holding them captive and has brainwashed these young women who apparently live with him and they are told when to eat, bathe and even how to dress. The women however claim that they are there of their own volition and even one woman, Jocelyn Savage came forward and spoke to TMZ claiming that she was ‘very happy’.

Now Kelly is facing backlash and is disputing with his manager and it seems that his latest tour is suffering from poor ticket sales and has been forced to cancel some dates which include an upcoming date in Dallas, Texas on August 13, 2017.

There is no word yet if authorities will get involved since all parties are of age and remain with Kelly out of their own full will.

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