If you're a regular Mike and Tricia Mornings listener, you know I don't like cats.  They poop in a box and walk all over your stuff, and they won't save your kid from freezing if he gets lost in the woods.  But puppies will!

Last Wednesday, 10 year old Kyle Camp went missing from his home in Alabama.  Understandably, his parents were frantic and a full blown search was put into place.  150 volunteers and State Police all searched through the night, but it wasn't until the Camp family's dog started searching for her missing puppies that Kyle was found.  The puppies were crying out for their mom, and when rescuers heard that, they called out for Kyle, and he called back to them!  Disney couldn't have written a better script!

See, puppies will keep you warm and safe - cats will eat your face.  I only report the truth.  Even hard-nosed youtube people were moved to tears by this story - check it out: