Lucy Hale is best known for her role on 'Pretty Little Liars,' but the actress is extremely passionate about her upcoming country album, due out in 2014. She is excited to unleash this soon-to-be-former hidden part of herself.

Referring to her album as her "baby," the actress acknowledged that people might be surprised that she is a singer and that she is a country singer, to boot.

"For people that don't know my whole backstory and who I really am, obviously, it's going to come as a bit of a shock. I was born in the south and I'm from Tennessee, so I was born and bred on country. Nashville is sort of where my heart is."

The singer revealed she moved to L.A. at 15 to get a record deal, not to act, and she got a bit sidetracked.

She also talked about her approach to songwriting.

The album's producers and songwriters also spoke about how Hale is ready to take this step, and they gushed about how amazing she is.

This three-plus minute clip has us excited to hear the album when it drops next year.

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