The normally sweet, bubbly Lucy Hale is falling to pieces. At least, that's what she claims in her new video for 'Lie a Little Better.'

In the visual, the singer looks gorgeous in gold, even as she describes her life turning to chaos. The video alternates between Lucy singing on stage and goofing around with her crew.

"Don’t feel a bit like me these days / I would be a liar if I said I was fine / But I can't help being honest / And I know now is not the time," she sings.

While we loved the upbeat vibe of Lucy's last video, 'You Sound Good to Me,' we can't resist the mature, heart-on-her-sleeve mood of 'Lie a Little Better.' Lucy always seems to find the bright side of things, and her positivity radiates in this video. Even as things seem to be falling to pieces, she's as charming as ever. However, we definitely are picking up on her adorably saucy attitude as she reflects that she should have learned to lie just a little bit better.

Watch Lucy's 'Lie a Little Better' video above!

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