The Las Cruces Police Department is urging residents to exercise caution when receiving telephone calls pertaining to credit card, financial or personal information.


Police learned of at least one telephone scam where the caller states that a credit card needs to be re-activated, and asks the call-receiver to provide their account number. The scam is an attempt at obtaining the victim’s credit card number for, in all probability, illegal purposes.

Anyone who receives a call asking for personal or financial information should use extreme caution in answering any questions. If the call is concerning a credit or debit card, hang up and call your financial institution directly using the phone number on the back of your card or the phone number provided on a bill or statement. Do not simply ask the caller for his or her phone number and then return their call.

Anyone who suspects they have been victimized by a scam, or any activity that appears to be fraudulent, should report the incident to the law enforcement at (575) 526-0795.