Popeye's Chicken launched a new chicken sandwich on August 12. Just a few weeks later, the chicken chain ran out of the buttermilk brioche sandwich. The sandwich became so popular that people have turned to Ebay to try to buy one. Social Media is lit with people wanting this sandwich.

When I heard of this, I thought to myself, I bet I can get one here in El Paso. So I drove to my nearby west side location. When I walk up to the door, a sign read "Be Back Soon. New Chicken Sandwich".  The employee inside explained that so many people are buying the sandwiches, they simply ran out. Knowing I couldn't have the sandwich made me want it more. I've called all the Popeye's in El Paso. No one is answering. All the calls go to a voice mail box that is full. Except for one call. A lady answered but she said I was calling a community center. Then she said "Are you calling about the sandwiches"? I began to laugh. She said she has been receiving many misdirected calls concerning the sandwich. "They are all sold out", she said. "They won't have any more until September" she continued. I'm not sure I can wait that long.

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