We all remember that "Wild Willows" house for sale, right? This one mansion in the Willows neighborhood that is for sale for $2.5 million?


I know you may be tired of hearing about this house, but every time I look online, I found out something different about it!

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Well, remember how there were some insane claims about that house? Well, I think we just got a little bit of clarity after I was sent this video- where the house is featured, and so is a polyamorous family that looked like they were about to start their own reality show! Check it out below:

That's right, this polyamorous family lived inside the house!

Jay Davis, or JD, the patriarch of this polyamorous modern-day family, and his ladies, all resided at the home at 331 Willow Bend Dr. And you can see why there are so many people in this relationship!

Altogether it's nine adults — all in a relationship with each other — navigating parenting, jealousy, societal shame and more. Check out the complete breakdown of who's who:

As you can see, they were looking to expand their "family". There's no word, or update, on whether they were successful. Also, they claimed they made $300,000 annually, but that seems hella low for a house full of nine adults- someone is not pulling their weight!

But that's not all I found out. Remember the weird claims and the whole thing surrounding "Something for the Fellas" or "S4TF"? Well, turns out it's a singing group- led by JD and consisting of four of his partners! This is how the family claimed they made money, and it also explains that Red Parrot crossover- it's where they would perform!

As you can see, S4TF held their rehearsals in the house.

We'll never know if this polyamorous family ever expanded, or why they decided to leave the house- these videos were from a year ago! But I guess this explains a lot about the house, and that weird bathroom that I still can't get over.

The house is currently still for sale.

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