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With Halloween just around the corner I started asking around if people really believe in ghosts.

I have grown up in a culture that loves to be scared. The scarier the movies, the TV show, the costumes, the better.

Personally, I am a big chicken when it comes to anything that will have my unlimited imagination running wild in the middle of the night.

So why are we so scared?  Will these creatures actually come to life and possess us or kill us?

Perhaps it’s all rooted in our culture and childhood with countless stories about the devil and ghosts that roamed just waiting to take our souls. Maybe it was a combination of my family’s folklore and the movies. Or maybe I’m just a wimp!

Do I believe in ghosts? Yes, Yes I do! I think there are things outside of our world that we can not fathom or understand.

So I ask you – Do you believe in ghosts?  

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