I will say it the second I meet you. I am from Fabens and I love my small town. Anything that happens there is quickly shared within the community. This can be good or bad, but I am hoping it will be for good with this situation.

The Ceballos Honey Farm recently shared some photos of their destroyed beehives out in the Tornillo area. They are asking for help from the community to find out any information as to what or who did this to their bees. They are even offering a reward for information.

The world needs to protect bees. Seriously, bees are incredibly important to our world. According to Vice.com, if bees became extinct, we would only have four years left on this earth.

Ceballos Honey Farm via Facebook

Get over the fear of being stung by one of these cute, fuzzy pollinators. Instead, be a hero to bees. If you can help find out who did this, please contact the Ceballos Honey Farm at (915) 764-2669