Lending a helping hand to someone has you feeling like you just won the lottery. I know I certainly feel like a million bucks after helping someone in need. Now you know no one should ever feel like they are alone during the holidays.

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If you're surrounded by family and friends every day consider yourself lucky, especially during Christmas. Now Christmas is right around the corner and Texas Adult Protective Services need the El Paso community's help spreading Christmas cheer.

Adult Protective Services teamed up with Home in order to help make a senior's Christmas wish come true this holiday season. This year you can participate in the "Be a Santa to a Senior" campaign that helps someone else's grandparent feel extra special.

So from now until December 15, you can go pick out an ornament from the Christmas tree to help make a senior's wish come true. There are a few locations that will have Christmas trees set up with the ornaments you can pick from.

The Village Inn's at 1500 Airway and 6040 N. Mesa is where you can pick out the lucky ornament at. Another location is Butter Smith Kitchen and Pies at 7801 N. Mesa.

So after you and the family finish dining pick out an ornament from the tree to help spread cheer. After picking an ornament, once you buy the gift on the wish list, return it unwrapped to the restaurant with the ornament attached.

If you would like more information about "Be a Santa to a Senior" feel free to call 915-584-5678. This time around go pick out an ornament and put a smile on a stranger's face for the holidays.

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