Finally a movie that shows the discipline of the chancla. For those who don't know the translation or power of the chancla, it translates to flip flip and it's powerful in the El Paso area.

Disney and Pixar are back at making movies that remind us why we love them. The newest addition to the mix is 'Coco.' As tale of a boy and his dog on a journey to find the famous great-great grandfather in the land of the dead.

Now when I say land of the dead, it's not a scary movie land, it's a cartoonish, colorful land of the dead. Inspired by the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead, Pixar showcases the beauty within the culture of the highly celebrated event.

The conflict in this story focuses on the young man named Miguel and his love for music. His family, especially his chancla wielding grandmother does not want him to pursue music. She really just hates all music for some reason, as you can tell in the first five seconds of the trailer. Of course, Miguel isn't going to listen to his grandmother and somehow ends up crossing over to the Land of the Dead, still alive.

We are introduced to some colorful characters that want to help Miguel find his family but he needs to find them before sunrise. If he doesn't, he will end up in the Land of the Dead forever.

I am excited to see this beautifully designed movie when it is released on November 22, 2017. Hopefully, the merchandise that will be promoting the movie will include the sassy grandma and her weapon of choice. Now, that is something I'd proudly buy.

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