So the girls are back! Pitch Perfect has been revived one more time for a sequel! In the film Beca played by Anna Kendrick loses her job as a music producer and joins the rest of the Bellas at a reunion to distract herself from the loss of her job. The girls embark on a tour for the troops where they will be competing against a few others groups for a chance to open for Dj Khaled on his tour. The film is filled with tons of one-liners and sass along with the unforgettable acapella renditions of some of pop-cultures favorite hit music. I was shook to hear the first song on their repertoire was Toxic by the Princess of Pop herself, Britney Spears. The movie includes Fat Amy’s reconnection with her con artist father who tries to dive into Amy’s inheritance and even kidnaps the Bellas to achieve his goal. This scenario calls for quite a bit of fun, suspenseful action packed drama that doesn’t take away too much from the premise of the movie. Surprisingly, the Fat Amy versus her father combat actually enhances the experience. Pitch Perfect 3 is in theatres now and you can see the trailer below:

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