Have you ever imagined rival popstars tossing fists? Well, dreams come true for pop culture fanatics and Pink is here to confirm! Andy Cohen asked the “What About Us” songstress about her supposed rivalry between the two starlets and Pink confirms that Christina Aguilera swung a punch at her inside of a nightclub! Pink continues saying that it was a very long time ago and that having grown up and become mothers they’ve even recorded a song together. The pair made nice on the set of The Voice but the biggest takeaway for me was Pink saying that the incident was “funny” and claiming that she was the type of girl to get in a physical fight but that Aguilera is more of a verbal-fighting kind of girl! Sounds and seems like a shady sideswipe to me considering that the two have released their rivalry! Watch the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ clip below where Pink addresses her beef with Christina Aguilera along with discussing troubles within her marriage and commenting on comments made about Kanye West in the past saying “he’s very talented but some of us can’t get out of our own way.”


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