When I was a kid going to the park was one of the most fun activities. It’s where I would meet some of my friends, we would spend time on the swings or go down the slide countless times. Unfortunately, kids living around the Broughton Park Playground in Longview won’t be able to visit their local park anytime soon as it’s been shut down due to a fire taking place. 

According to MSN, it was around 11:30am that a firefighter who was just passing by the park noticed some smoke, the fire was started underneath a slide. The Longview Fire Department is reporting that there was a young man who was seen running from the area the fire first began. But they don’t know who that person is or if they are in fact the person who started the fire at the park.  

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What Happens Next With the Park in Longview? 

At this point, city crews will have to survey the damage and see what parts can be replaced, the playground equipment is now over 10 years old. It will be a challenge finding parts for playground equipment that old, but they have to make sure everything is safe before reopening the park to the public. 

How Much Will the Repairs Cost? 

The fire caused damage in the area of $4,500. Until the equipment is repaired everyone is asked to stay away from the playground.  

It’s sad to hear of something like this happening, especially if it was intentional. If you have any details regarding what happened at the Broughton Park Playground you’re encouraged to call the Longview Police Department at (903)237-1199. 

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