Having experienced the sometimes humiliating facets of the Simple Life, it's clear Paris Hilton can take a joke — but today, she proved there's at least one thing that's no laughing matter.

The socialite recently appeared on Egyptian prank show Ramez in Control while in Dubai for a hotel opening. On the episode, she was led to believe she'd had an aerial-tour of the area added to her itinerary, and once the plane she boarded was in the air, hired actors convinced her its engine was malfunctioning and that she and her fellow passengers were doomed to plummet to the ground.

After it was revealed she'd been duped, Hilton appeared to take the stunt in stride ("Scariest moment of my life. I believed the plane was going to crash & we were all going to die," she tweeted). However, TMZ has reported that she's not taking too kindly to the stunt any longer, and is suing the producers of the show for causing emotional distress and making it more difficult to fly for business. Truthfully, we can't say we blame her.

In the clip above, the show creates concerning smells, sounds mock-alarms and maneuvers a huge nosedive to convince Paris that there's no saving the aircraft. "What the f---!" she screams through tears as a pair of actors jump out of the vessel with parachutes to spare themselves from the fake-danger.

What do you think—does Paris have a case, or is she overreacting, and should just let it go? Sound off in the comments.

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