The horrible news is everywhere.

A 24 year old gunman, Ryna Lanza, walked into an Elementary School were his mother worked, shooting and killing her and then going on a shooting rampage and killing 6 more adults and 18 children.

As the news unfolded we start to find out that another family member was found dead earlier this morning in his home, not too far from the elementary school.

I cannot fathom what kind of person could do this – let alone kill his mother!

My heart and prayers goes out to these innocent children that were taken too early and everyone injured and those who died in this senseless act.

Our world is full of corruption and hate and evil things that we cannot comprehend but the reality is that this is happening.

Today hug your children, family, and friends – tell them how much you appreciate them, that you love them. Our time is limited and we must all look out for each other and make our world a better place.



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