I never thought Optimus Prime would make me cry but here we are. I didn't think such a tragedy would ever happen to El Paso but we live in a new reality. On August 3rd, a domestic terrorist from McAllen, Texas walked into a Walmart located at the Cielo Vista area of El Paso and killed 22 people.

Our community has not been broken by this attack. We, along with our country have come together in such an amazing way. From vigils, benefits and so much more, not only our community but our country has shown us love is greater than hate. Now, Optimus Prime has shown his love for El Paso in a quick, but meaningful video featuring Optimus Prime telling El Pasoans that he, along with Bumblebee, stand strong with us.

I know these characters are not real, but the message is. The message that even made up autobots can show their love to a community that has been affected by hate.

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