As much as I love El Paso History, I enjoy all history, especially when it comes to history that has lots of bling associated with it. The newest exhibit at the El Paso Museum of History is 'Gifts and Prayers: The Romanovs and Their Subjects'.

This is the first time this collection has appeared in the American Southwest. Tehe exhibition is a collection of objects from the Georgia Museum of Art in Athens, Georgia and includes rare historical artifacts and sacred art from centuries of the Russian imperial family's rule.

There are some amazing items in the collection including diamond-encrusted swords, spectacular military medals, gilded statuettes, ornate icons, and Fabergé-produced objects. The objects are so intricate and so lavish that it's hard to believe that they were actually used in someone's everyday life. The items from the Romanov era were assembled by a single private collector and has been virtually unknown for decades and has rarely been seen.

I got the chance to see it this weekend during the opening reception and I have to say, it was breathtaking. The military medals and paintings were so beautiful. I can't even imagine the kind of lives the Romanovs must have led. The collection of things on display, the things they decorated themselves and their homes with are so stately and ornamental that I can only imagine how splendid their homes were. It's definitely a exhibit worth seeing.

WHAT: Gifts and Prayers: The Romanovs and Their Subjects
WHERE: El Paso Museum of Art, 510 N Santa Fe St.
INFO: 915-212-3161
EXHIBIT DATES: Currently to March 2020

Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez

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