For the first time ever, the One World Water Lantern Festival is coming to El Paso.

On Saturday, March 31, 2018, Ascarate Lake inside Ascarate Park will be transformed into a spectacular wonderland of floating lights when the event, billed as "the premier water lantern festival," hits town.

That evening as the sun begins to set in the El Paso sky, hundreds of lighted lanterns will begin to float away quietly as their soft glow reflects upon the water.

Along with the Zen-like experience of releasing lanterns onto the water, festival attendees can also enjoy great food from some of El Paso's favorite food trucks, music, and no doubt some pretty magical photo opps.

Tickets are $30 to $35 plus taxes and fees depending on when you purchase them, per the One World Water Lantern Festival website. Each adult ticket gets you entry into the festival area, a floating water lantern, and a marker so you can design your lantern. I understand many people write their hopes and wishes on them. Notes to loved ones who have passed are also very popular.

Event tickets can be purchased online HERE.

And just so you know, because I'm sure there will be some who will question the safety of hundreds of objects released onto the lake many ducks and trout call home, the lanterns will be cleaned up afterwards.

Alexandra South, Marketing Specialist for El Paso County Parks & Recreation, told me via email that the county "addressed the same concerns prior to proceeding with the facility rental," and are satisfied with One World's 99% lantern recovery rate.

South added that because the lanterns being used are 100% biodegradable, "the few that might get away should pose no harm to the wildlife as they’ll quietly decompose at the bottom of the lake."

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