Countless tattoos, proudly untamed hair: No, One Direction are not the squeaky clean boy band of yesteryear. But what if they were? James Corden's most recent installment of Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke investigates!

On last night's (December 15) episode, the host invited the group to perform adaptations of some of their biggest hits — "What Makes You Beautiful" and "Story Of My Life" both made the cut — and wondered out loud why One Direction were never keen on choreographed dances or matching outfits. And since they didn't have a particularly good reason, Corden decided to toss each a uniform jean jacket and explore what could have been.

"Officially, we are giving the fans what they've always wanted," Corden, also adorned in denim, says in the video above, "which is a music video to 'No Control' in matching outfits."

And "No Control" in matching outfits proves to be a winning combination, especially when paired with a dance number that includes pointing to groins in unison at the mention of "I'm a loaded gun." These guys could be on Tiger Beat!

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