There are plenty of restaurants nearby in New Mexico and while some are pretty old, this is the oldest.

The oldest restaurants in New Mexico that are close to El Paso, La Posta and the Double Eagle, are both in Mesilla. Both those buildings were built in the 1840s but the restaurants came a little later.

The oldest, continuously operating, restaurant in New Mexico is a little farther away.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, (about 330 miles from the 915), is where you will find the state's oldest restaurant. El Farol first opened its doors in 1835.

The cantina was owned and operated by the Vigil family well into the mid-twentieth century. In 1963, it was sold and ultimately rechristened El Farol. Perhaps because of the continuity of having a restaurant at the same spot, it’s been pretty widely accepted that El Farol is the oldest restaurant in New Mexico . -

New Mexico's Oldest Restaurant

El Farol looks pretty comfy but, while it is super old, it seems to have a very modern feel. It's nice but I would prefer an older, more "antique-ish" vibe. Something more akin to what you get in Mesilla.

On top of being the oldest restaurant, they also have a pretty strong and old dance game. Fridays and Saturdays, The National Institute of Flamenceo performs. They are the longest-running Tablao in North America.

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Their show comes with a 3-course meal and will set you back $110.00. Drinks are extra.

If you're really into super old restaurants, the oldest, continuously operating, restaurant in the United States is the White Horse Tavern in Rhode Island. They've been at it since 1673.

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