Pacman, Donkey Kong, Duck Hunt, Super MArio Bros....what about Mike Tyson's Punch out?! So many great old games! That was the way that games should of stayed! What was your favorite? Let's take a jog down memory lane.

This had to be one of my favorite! I hated the turtles!

Maybe duck hunt was more your style? But don't cheat and put the gun up to the TV screen!

I remember my sister was obsessed with Pacman!

I asked a couple of the guys in our sister station 600 ESPN El Paso and they went crazy talking about Pitfall.


I never played that Atari game but what about the generic basketball for Atari, or as i like to call it throw a pixel into a horizontal stick!

One of my absolute favs was Sonic the Hedgehog for Sega!

And please tell me you remember Cool Spot! I played it for hours!

and last but not least, Mike Tyson's Punch out!

I could go on and on! What was your favorite?!




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