Did someone order… Hail? Well, probably not but that didn’t stop Mother Nature from serving us with a quick hail storm Thursday evening.

Thursday morning started with winds and cool temperatures and if you stepped outside early enough you could smell the moisture in the air and feel the humidity as well.

A 30% chance for isolated showers was in the forecast for today and just enough moisture was in the air to fire up thunderstorms and isolated showers Thursday evening, just as Doppler Dave told us was going to happen.

I was hanging out at home when I noticed a loud thud coming from outside and as soon as I opened the windows I saw quarter-sized hail falling along with rain showers.

Iris Lopez
Iris Lopez

El Pasoans also experienced this quick-moving hailstorm with many sharing photos of the hail next to a quarter to measure the size of the hail.

The hailstorm was short-lived, or at least on my side of town, and lasted about 15 to 20 minutes then shortly after, the sun came back out as if it was playing a game of hide-and-seek with us!

According to the National Weather Service, there will be another chance for isolated thunderstorms Friday, but those chances won’t be as high as the chances we had on Thursday.

Drier air is expected for the weekend with the return of triple digit heat by the start of next week.

El Paso Hail Storm


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