Northeast El Paso shoppers are going to have to find a new place to get their fruits and vegetables. After 45 years at Dyer and Hondo Pass, Albertson's grocery store will be closing on August 3.

Albertson’s corporate office said closing the store was done "to strengthen operational efficiencies." Not sure that what means in corporate speak, but for people who shop in the area it means having to figure out their options for shopping for food.

My mother-in-law has shopped at that Albertson's for twenty years. It is the closest grocery store to her home and now that it is closing, she will have to find somewhere else to shop. My husband Darren is taking care of my mother and father-in-law and he says that the closest Albertson's to his mom's home is at Montana and Chelsea. There is another Albertson's at Kenworthy but it is not as close to his mom's house. The popular feeling among a lot of El Pasoans that the westside gets everything is shared by northeast residents, but they feel that whenever a store is going to close, chances are good that it will be a northeast store.

The remaining seven Albertson’s locations in El Paso will not be affected by the closure of the Dyer location. If you have a prescription at the Albertson's on Dyer and Hondo Pass, you can ask the pharmacy to help you move that prescription to another Albertson's of your choice, but remember, you will have to take care of that before August 3.

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